måndag 28 juni 2010


Yes, archipelago photos are an essential to any stockhomo swede and now i am in a refined class of Scandinavian, boat shoe, striped shirt, short jean-shorts wearing, and soft blond haired swede rolling through the ocean with extreme self contentiousness would appreciate and be quite pride of...... enjoy my friends

this was an older boat "folk-style" that, well, would like even better with me it while steering over ruff waters....
Skärgård island called Möja, this pretty much how the Swedish coast looks everywhere except for maybe Gotland...

Midsommar on the island of Blidö. This the fertility pole we dance around and talk about chores that men and women do year around, and the all the people procreate...

Sofi and in the background a huge phallic symbol

Sommer Fest!

It is summer and have already been to a few memorable parties that a normal man would begin shaking with grief, solely that summer has just begun and these few parties have been so unruly and grandiose that i feel that they might have ruined the bar for parties to come.
Anyhow Lasse's girlfriend Becca turned 30 and her sister and friend wrote a song just for that night and it was folky and beautiful and set the mood for summer.......I hope to find the text for all of you soon. Ciao....

The Grind


This is the chaos of my job at around 12:00 at night when we are full of drunks and wild people trying hard....our stations look crazy, here is my station after a wild night.

måndag 26 april 2010


update.... Sofi and I are hustling as usual. We took a break and went to Paris and now it is finally get warmer here. that is it, life is pretty slow till next week.

tisdag 16 mars 2010

Last photos of NY

Lets break it down, it has taken me 3 months to publish photos from new years eve here. That does not mean they are not awesome, they are trust me. Update: Sweden is never going to be warm. I have some of the worst cabin fever in my life and my internet usage has increased perpendicularly with my in-house captivity. I finished reading the "The Life According to Garp" and have started "The Sports Writer" which is somewhat depressing me...
Anyhow good luck to my friends and family and to all the rest of you......
Coming soon is Paris pics......yezzz

Western Bar
In the woods, this is what i might like look here in sweden in a month, maybe...

Irishmen, need i say more......

New Years Smmmoooooch, I just don't give these out to anyone

New Years Eve with everyone who is anyone...

lördag 13 februari 2010

mo az jerome pre new year...

More az for your bones....


How americans usually experience things, from their car.

yes, sedona miss on team skate.
let robbie explain the rules to you, it easier to fill out my taxes than follow those rules.

the bowl 1 meter snow and no oxygen

Beau and sofi watching to see my next move, fs 900 of a log.
I just got an iphone so i will mostly lose contact with the real world...signing off permanently.

fredag 5 februari 2010

2010 Mo AZ

I have lost two books both have the chance of reappearing if i just make a few phone calls. I take my favo novells with me on the subway, great reading and a good way to ignore the nearest freakshow on the train But now i am starting to really hate myself and my partying habits. Here is some pre sweden 2010 photos......


Mamma dukes and panda rock

Box canyon, sedona



pepperonni and jalepeno
Kirkley gettign fresh with a cobra dog....